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You Can Be A Chord Genius!

Finally!!! Learn on your own instrument.
Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Mandola, Mandocello, Mandolin, Octave Mandolin,
Ukulele, Bouzouki. Standard and most alternate tunings available.

Have you ever:

  • Bought a book of music for a band you loved but the music had been 'hacked' and the chords in the book didn't sound right?
  • Searched for a book for your instrument to take you from beginner to advanced chord playing and all it ended up being was memory work and not complete understanding?
  • Needed to change the Key of a song to get the chords into your vocal range?
  • Made up a chord for a song you're writing and then hopelessly searched for the name of the chord in a chord diagram book over an inch thick... and never did find it?
  • Wondered what made a minor chord a minor chord, or a diminished a diminished chord, or a major 7th chord a major 7th chord, a 13th chord a 13th chord?
  • Wondered what all the chords were in a particular key to make your song writing easier?
  • Looked for a book on chord theory that actually applied to your instrument and explained it in a way you could understand?

The Hands On Method used in my Chord Genius books will teach you to easily design any chord and will solve all the above problems forever.

Rachelle Van Zanten "After playing guitar for 15 years, I have recently become engaged in Bruce Dean's recent book, "You Can Be a Guitar Chord Genius". Not only am I learning new chords, but I am getting inspiration for new song and musical direction."

International Touring Musician Rachelle Van Zanten
Rachelle Van Zanten's Website Or Rachelle on Myspace
Rachelle's Youtube clips

Isn't it Time to Take the Frustration Out of Learning to Play Stringed Instruments?

At least half of the teachers out there will teach only at a beginner level. The other half tend to teach you only what they are currently interested in. I looked for years for a guitar teacher who could meet me where I was and give me a structure I could live with. I tried Classical Guitar Teachers who do teach in a structured way, but frankly, classical didn't interest me and it would have meant giving up what I wanted to do for what they wanted to teach me. I tried teachers of 'popular' music who seem to only teach in an informal 'memory only' style and I tried rockers who were one trick ponies that couldn't evolve my understanding with chords and harmony. I never found the right teacher. So what was my solution? I bought book after book after book, trying to find the solution to my dilemma and what I found was that few books really helped.

What I wanted was a book that could take me through the whole process of chord building on my instrument while giving me only the theory I absolutely needed. What I found was either so basic it was useless or so technical that I'd learn a bit, lose interest, and move on. I finally hacked my way through all the drivel and gained a complete understanding of how to put together chords as they are played on any instrument.

These are the books I was looking for. They're the books you're looking for too!!!

Keith Miles An old dog gets that way by learning a few new tricks along the way. I've played guitar for 35 years now, and your books were packed with nuggets of wisdom that corrected old notions I had about chord structure and pointed me in many new and exciting directions. Written clearly and concisely, your books are the best musical investment I've made in a long time. Thanks so much!

Singer/Songwriter Keith Miles, Nashville, Tennessee

When I saw your explanation as to how to understand chords it was like being hit with a bolt of lightning.....this should have been done ages ago.
Ken O'Neill, North Carolina

"Super tutorial, beautifully packaged and received quickly. Thanks Bruce."
Jack Maddox, New Zealand

What These Books Can Do For You!!!

  • Take away the mystery of chords and show you the magic.
  • Give you full mastery so you can play any chord you want.
  • Allow you to move away from the bondage of packing around a 10 pound chord book and make it so you will never crack a book on chords again.
  • Show you how to determine the name of the chord that you make up quickly and easily.
  • Show you how to change the chords in a song from one key to another, no sweat.
  • Turn you into a Chord Genius.
  • Figuring out how to play any chord will become a breeze.

These Books are not:

  • Filled with a bunch of standard music notation.
  • Filled with abstract words only a University Music Major could understand.
  • Song books.

"Takes you from beginners chords to advanced chords. Easy to follow, progressive structure. When Bruce says you'll never need another book on chord structure again he means it. Piles of Information. I highly recommend it."
Steve Bernstein, Publisher - Relix Magazine

The Problem Recreational Players (and some Pro's) have with Instruction!

Many players are never presented with, or seek, a structured method to get from where they are with their understanding of chords to where they want to be. Most books teach in such a technical and theoretical manner (assuming a certain level of understanding) that they don't provide the basic background knowledge needed by most musicians to be understood. These books are just the opposite and will give you all the information you need to be a truly skilled musician with chords in the shortest time possible.

"Genius it is!!! Thanks for the great information, and quick shipping!!!"
Glenn Anderson, Washington.

What These Books are:

  • Concise - I'm not going to waste your time by being wordy.
  • The phrase I keep hearing from people is "It can't be this easy", but it is.
  • Easy to understand using chord diagrams and simple scale diagrams which will allow you to define your own chords or interpret chords required by the songwriter.
  • It is accessible to every player at every level of ability, from beginners to advanced.
  • It is a method for learning what you need to know in order to play the songs YOU want to play.
  • Written for each specific instrument tunings.  It's not theory out in the air somewhere, it applies immediately.
  • Logical, building simply through easily understood instructions removing the mystery of chords forever.
  • Designed to take you from your present stage of musical development and quickly move you on to more advanced material by teaching you what you need to know.
  • Bound with a quality double loop wire binding guaranteed to lie flat.
  • Over 70 pages crammed full of information.
Did you Know?

  • That once you know a few as 6 open chords you can easily start writing your own music?
  • There are only 8 commonly used moveable (barre) Chords that, once you learn how to move them, will allow you to play chords and write music in any key?
  • That by learning just a little bit more about chords once you have Barre Chords figured out, you will never again need to open a chord diagram book and it won't matter to you how complicated the chord is.

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Mysteries of Substitution: Revealed
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